This section of the Out of The Box site contains some general information about the group.



The Group

A strong community bond exists between members of this group who met while completing their Visual Arts Diplomas at Box Hill Institute. They have continued to support each other in their private practice. The nine artists are Kerstin Cuming, Susan Gibson, Eileen Gruen, Virginia McNamara, Kathy Siganakis, Anne Warren, Lynette Joy Weber, Beryl White and Evelyn Young.

The group regularly participate in group exhibitions, with their last being the successful Woman's Business exhibition in 2013, and another, titled Seven scheduled for August, 2015.

Member Profiles

A small portrait of Kersin Cuming Kerstin Cuming A small portrait of Susan Gibson Susan Gibson A small portrait of Eileen Gruen Eileen Gruen
A small portrait of Virginia McNamara Virginia McNamara A small portrait of Kathy Siganakis Kathy Siganakis A small portrait of Anne Warren Anne Warren
A small portrait of Lynette Weber Lynette Joy Weber A small portrait of Beryl White Beryl White A small portrait of Evelyn Young Evelyn Young

The portraits and names link to pages with detailed information about each of the artists. For examples of their work, check out the gallery section of the site.