This is Beryl White's profile page. It contains her artist's statement, and a CV of her previous work.

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Beryl White

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Artist's Statement

Living creatively has always been an important part of my life and increasingly this has found expression in the visual arts and more specifically in painting. My work is a heart response to the connection I feel with the creative energy of the natural world - in particular exploring the interplay of the pathways of colour and light over the landscape. My focus is not so much to be descriptive as reflective; to draw the viewer into exploring what is below the surface; to engage the viewer in perceiving the landscape in a new way and to communicate something of the mystery and the creative energy that has sparked the initial inspiration. I often use different forms within the work, interrupted picture planes, passages of light and shadow to create spaces and pathways, and to create a sense of depth.

I like to work in a variety of media and enjoy the challenge and cross fertilisation of ideas that can occur. This often results in taking risks and exploring new ideas, being open to respond to and interact with the work in process. In much of my work I have developed a multi-layered approach with paint, texture, collage and glazing.

Many of my special memories spring from experiencing the natural world. My work draws on layers of imagination as well as memory. I believe strongly in the power of art to connect and to invite the viewer to participate in their own journey of discovery.

Curriculum Vitae



Education (art related)

  • 2000-2003 - Diploma of Visual Art, Box Hill TAFE

Group Exhibitions

  • 2013 - Woman's Business, Cambridge Studio Gallery
  • 2011 - Primavera, Cambridge Studio Gallery
  • 2010 - Connections, Cambridge Studio Gallery
  • 2009 - Life, Love and Laughter, Cambridge Studio Gallery, Collingwood
  • 2008 - Beyond the Gate, 69 Smith St, Fitzroy
  • 2008 - Linden Postcard Exhibition, St. Kilda, Vic
  • 2007 - Journeys, 69 Smith St, Fitzroy
  • 2006 - Enduring Passions, Cusp Gallery, Northcote
  • 2005 - Expressions, Cusp Gallery, Northcote
  • 2004 - The Collector’s Exhibition, Contemporary Art Society, Steps Gallery, Carlton
  • 2004 - Covered Canvas, Ministry of Education, Treasury Place, Melbourne
  • 2003 - Our Surroundings, Dante’s Upstairs gallery, Fitzroy
  • 2003 - Box Hill Graduate Art Exhibition, Maroondah Gallery, Ringwood
  • 2002 - The Collectors Exhibition, Contemporary Art Society, Steps Gallery, Carlton


  • 1995 - Illustrations and page design for book, PLAYGROUPS : Let Children Play’, Playgrouping Victoria
  • 1989-1999 - Line illustrations and layout for’ Playgrouper’ magazine, Playgrouping Victoria

Associations (current)

  • Whitehorse Arts Society

Work held in private collections in Australia and overseas