This is Evelyn Young's profile page. It contains her artist's statement, and a CV of her previous work.

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Evelyn Young

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Artist's Statement

Although my artworks take the form of both paintings and sculptures, it is sculpting that is my greatest love. From a very early age I’ve been drawn to the fascinating shapes, space and forms that surround me. The medium I sculpt in is determined solely by the demands of construction of the work in progress. My two meter rearing horse was welded out of steel. My delicate nudes were casts from glass. Current works are being constructed out of ceramics, as this is the idea medium for working on a smaller scale, and I’m enjoying the tactile and pliable nature of clay.

The artworks that have influenced me most are those of the German expressionists, especially the works of Otto Dix and Karl Schmidt-Rottloff. I try to capture movement in a similar fashion through the use of colour and form in both my paintings and sculptures.

I try to work from life itself; not to imitate is, but to capture the emotion and feelings in such a way as to represent a strong element of novelty and transformation to the viewer. The most resent works have had a strong narrative quality to them, and I enjoy seeing others relating to my themes.

Curriculum Vitae




  • Diploma of Fine Arts (Visual), painting major, sculpture minor - Box Hill Institute of TAFE

Solo Exhibitions

  • 2004 - Richmond Library Exhibition space, 415 Church St Richmond
  • 2004 - Artholes Gallery, 114 Gertrude St Fitzroy
  • 2002 - Box Hill Library, Whitehorse Rd Box Hill

Group Exhibitions

  • 2013 - Woman's Business, Cambridge Studio Gallery
  • 2011 - Primavera, Cambridge Studio Gallery
  • 2010 - Connections, Cambridge Studio Gallery
  • 2009 - Life, Love and Laughter, Cambridge Studio Gallery, Collingwood
  • 2008 - Beyond the Gate, 69 Smith St Gallery, Fitzroy
  • 2008 - Linden Postcard Exhibition, St. Kilda, Vic
  • 2007 - Journeys, 69 Smith Street Gallery, Fitzroy
  • 2006 - Victorian Tafe College Exhibition, Per Square Meter Johnson St Collingwood
  • 2005 - Enduring Passions, Cusp Gallery, 238 High St , Northcote
  • 2003 - Artholes Gallery Portrait Exhibition, 114 Gertrude St Fitzroy
  • 2002 - Contemporary Art Society Exhibition, Steps Gallery, 62 Lygon St, Carlton
  • 2002 - Eckersley’s Open Space Gallery, Franklin St Melbourne
  • 2002 - Box Hill Community Arts Centre, Creative Harmony Artworks, Station St Box Hill
  • 2002 - The Footy Show, Artist’s Garden Gallery, Brunswick St Fitzroy
  • 2001 - The Footy Show, Artist’s Garden Gallery, Brunswick St Fitzroy


  • Contemporary Art Society of Victoria
  • Association of Sculptors of Victoria


  • 2008, 2006 - New Zealand
  • 2003 - Germany, France, Spain, London, Scotland, Austria, Italy, Prague